The first official trailer for the new live-action Fullmetal Alchemist movie has been circulating the Internet and it brings the Hiromu Arakawa’s franchise to reality in an extremely large way. Excluding edward elric, the hero is still a bit on the short side.

The short trailer

In the short trailer, it shows a variety of clips which are all put together to introduce the audience to the fun and supernatural world of alchemy. Transmutation circles can be seen drawn out and turning everyday objects into all different items.


Fullmetal Alchemist fans can also see Edward Elric starting his own form of alchemy in which require his specific brand of magic as he claps his hands together. During the trailers end, fans are able to view a sentimental clip of Edward and his youngest brother Alphons, with the previous shown in his famous hollowed armored body. Edward then rests his head on his brothers chest and swears he will be able to get their bodies back.

Stick around to the very end

If you are able to stick around until the very end, you will be able to see as Edward is subject to a confrontation by a beast.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an action scene shown in the trailer, but it just fades to black. That leaves a lot up for the imagination of the audience as in how Edward will take the beast down. Will he use his bo staff to help defeat the monster? Only Fullmetal fans will be able to guess.

Fans have been patiently waiting

Many fans have been patiently waiting for a trailer to Fullmetal Alchemist since the news of the movie being in works. A variety of characters have already been cast for the film.


Tsubasa Honda will star in the film portraying the character Winry Rockbell and will surely look great pulling off blonde hair!

Excitement on the prowl

Fullmetal fans are sure excited for this movie to be released and the little teaser of a trailer can sure subside the urges to see the movie right away. What characters would you like to be portrayed by what actors/actresses? Tsubasa Honda will be able to make an interesting addition to the film and hopefully add some spice to the movie.