The Cause of The Titans at Shinganshina

Early in the morning on November 4th the online news source, YokouProductions which is known for their Manga spoilers. As well as first-rate news on the latest chapters of your favorite manga’s, released several panels of the next chapter in the worldwide phenomenon known as Shingeki No Kyojin ( Attack on Titan).

The panels show the continuation of the backstory concerning Eren's father, Grisha Yeager. As readers learned recently, the titans that have been plaguing mankind behind the safety of the walls.


In chapter 85 it was revealed that Grisha had come from a thriving city outside of the walls. The city Grisha came from was a thriving populous run much like the cities inside the walls. The titans were created as a means to keep criminals and exiled individuals behind the walls that were created by worker titans.

In the leaked panels, several titans that were introduced at the beginning of the series are shown being created. Most notably being the smiling titan that devoured Eren's mother, Carla.

Other panels show Grisha and many members of the Eldian Resistance being lined up on top of what appears to be Wall Maria. They are then injected with the titan serum and kicked over the wall where they transform into titans, cursed to roam the land forever as mindless beasts devouring mankind.

What is most notable about the leak is that one final panel, released a few hours ago, shows Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, who is now a titan shifter alongside Eren. It is currently unknown why they are in prison but the working theory, where Eren is concerned anyway, is that they are in prison because of the Yeager family withholding critical information in regards to the titans.

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Another popular theory, and most likely the correct one is that during the fight in the previous arc, Eren and Mikasa went against direct orders and attack their commanding officer. This was in response to the decision to leave their childhood friend Armin to die.

The latest chapter to the wildly popular Manga is scheduled to be released on the 9th of November. However, this is never a certainty as the Manga is often stuck in translation for a day or so before it’s official release.