In this digital era, with information technology and internet services, different sources of entertainment are within the reach of an individual. There was a time when only English dramas or TV series were popular around the world. But now due to media and rising awareness, foreign TV channels have captured attention of a vast majority of people.

Nowadays, Korean entertainment industry has entangled the people internationally, specifically the teens, in its web. Around the world, South Korean dramas are slowly emerging as top most favorite foreign entertainment. This new wave of increasing popularity of Korean entertainment industry is termed as "Hallyu era". So, it is slowly spreading across the globe despite religious, cultural and language differences. A major reason for its popularity is that its plots always center on loyalty, friendship, honesty, truth, strength, beliefs and most importantly respect, especially towards one's elders. Love and romance always end up as the last subplots of the dramas and films. One of the best features that greatly enthralls the audience is the detailed description of Korean culture. In every item they display on TV, they make sure to portray their culture whether it is in the style and furnishings of their homes, in their foods or in their clothes.

Another positive point is that a large number of quality dramas are mini series or mid-length dramas with number of episodes varying on average from 16 to 50 respectively. The Hallyu wave has so spread around the globe that recently a Turkish girl was reported to have thrown a party with the theme of Korean culture. The guests wore the traditional Korean clothes known as the "Hanbok". It is guessed that the food must also have been the trademark "kimchi" and "ramen"- Korean versions of pickles and noodles. Similarly, a post on internet showed a Brazilian manwho underwent 10plastic surgeries to look Korean.

There have been many hits in the past years. Some of the famous ones have been "Dream High", "Boys Over Flowers", "The King's Son", "School (Series), "Reply 1994", "City Hunter", "Pinocchio" etc. K-Pop has also gained immense popularity. English translations and covers are widely available. Even Hollywood singers have started to take note and released some covers of Korean songs.

In a nutshell, K-Fever has engulfed the world and there is reportedly no cure or vaccine available for it yet. So, if any of you readers, find yourself suffering from it, the best way is to dive in it head on.

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