5 Blockbuster Hollywood movies to look out for in 2019

5 top movies of 2019 [Image credit - CCO / Pixabay]
5 top movies of 2019 [Image credit - CCO / Pixabay]

If you are a fan of Hollywood motion pictures this year will be exciting. Here are 5 Hollywood movies for 2019.

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5 top Hollywood movies to watch out for in 2019

'Jumanji 3' - December 13, 2019

If you have watched the "Jumanji 2" movie, then you should watch "Jumanji 3". After the huge accomplishment of "Jumanji 2", director Jake Kasdan thought of turning out "Jumanji 3" this year. As indicated by Dwayne Johnson, the lead character of "Jumanji 3", this movie will be the best thriller/action movie ever made. Until now there is no such confirmation of the release date from the director or any lead actors, yet everybody is eager to watch Dwayne Johnson in another success.


'Pokemon Detective Pikachu' - May 10, 2019

This 2019's hot summer can be the best summer if you are planning to watch director Rob Letterman's 2019 - Fantasy/Mystery Picture "Pokemon Detective Pikachu". The story is about a young fellow who unites with "Detective Pikachu" to unwind the puzzle behind his missing father. The lead on-screen character of this film is Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds gives voice to Pikachu. This Fantasy/Mystery picture should be on your list.

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