#Winston Churchill was voted best Briton by the public, this is a result of his leadership during WWII. But what is the truth of the man who is the centre of the historical biopic ‘The #Darkest Hour’, portrayed by Gary Oldman? Since the war, he has mostly been given hero status and any atrocities cause by him have seen him being labelled as ‘flawed’. However, ‘The Darkest Hour’ left out some glaring historical acts to push the glorification of a vile human.

Seeing Gary Oldman’s interview about his role as Churchill because what was striking was the lack of understanding of history on his part, he also said that younger people were messaging about how they didn’t know much about him.

Why is there so little taught about Winston Churchill’s life?

The darkest truth

When I say, “little taught”, that is in terms of his personal history because, prior WWII, Winston Churchill is barely mentioned in history lessons, yet his legacy as ‘greatest Briton’ is well-established. This is just through the taught facts of the war against #Adolf Hitler’s Nazism, but there is significantly more to his history and that of WWII, which puts into perspective his colonial racist desire for bloodshed to push the British Empire and create a profiteering empire at the expense of those he deemed inferior. From a young age he was a white supremacist and imperialist, Adolf Hitler praised his commitment to the British people and the violent and oppressive exploits in the colonies in Mein Kampf.

When 26 years of age, Churchill declared his commitment to improve the ‘British breed’, just a decade later he was calling for forced sterilisation and labour camps of the “feeble minded and insane classes”, terms used to describe those who had mental health problems.

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He eloquently said, “100,000 degenerate Britons should be forcibly sterilised, and others put in labour camps to halt the decline of the British race.” Furthermore, in 1902 he asserted that the “Aryan stock is bound to triumph.” When talking of the Red Indians of America and Australian Aborigines in 1937, he stated, “I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly-wise race, to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.”

The fact that a lot of his desires were more suited to Hitler’s Nazism, but Hitler himself was inspired by the British Empire. His status as hero has been cultivated by governments to push an imperialistic agenda abroad and to promote fanatical nationalism as a positive ideology. Even the idea that it was Churchill and Britain that won the war is a twisted narrative, because if you delve into the details of history, it shows that it was more Hitler that lost the war due to his own personality.

That also detracts from America, Russia, India and all the other allied nation’s involvement. Furthermore, during Hitler’s reign, prior 1939, France, Britain and Russia were full of praise for Hitler’s commitment to the German people. Ironically, it was Mussolini, who had met him in 1934, that warned the League of Nations that Hitler was a danger, but they ignored him.

The bloody truth

Churchill personally helped facilitate the creation of Israel and Establish the House of Saud in the Middle-East, conceived the Black and Tans, a paramilitary force used during the Irish independence war to violently suppress the uprising, they were used against civilians and he called them “gallant and honourable”. Their crimes including a massacre at Croke Park during a Gaelic football match, killing 14 innocent civilians. But it wasn’t just before WWII that his atrocities occurred, in 1944, he ordered the British military to open fire on a mass demonstration in Greece, killing 28 people. The express desire was to suppress Communism and the people that were killed were allies during the still ongoing war.

In 1942, crops in Bengal were already causing issues for the population, but in 1943 Churchill ordered rice and grains to be shipped by mass from Bengal, leaving the population very little food left to feed themselves and this led to the deaths of around 2.1 million. Other Commonwealth nations even offered to send food to the nation, but Churchill’s government refused the offer, his own words about the population within the region says it all, “I hate Indians. They are beastly people with a beastly religion”.

This desire to promote him as a ‘flawed’ is to push nationalist rhetoric on a population. It allows the wealthy to dictate proxy wars to create further wealth and cement power for themselves, whilst leaving a population to ‘feel’ good about themselves as if they are part of a community who are ‘liberating’ other nations, but it merely holds back the rational examination of history to create a better society in the future.