We associate the infamous Mattel children's creation with being able to do anything, Barbie has been a vet, nurse, policewoman, rock star and even a pilot in her decades' long career. Now there is a new ‘Barbie’ style Doll causing controversy on the internet among parents.

The ‘VWH pregnant Doll Mom Doll Have A Baby In Her Tummy Attractive Barbie Toy For Kid Child’, by VWH was spotted by an eagle-eyed bargain hunter and posted on the popular Lastestdeals.com It quickly went viral in the parenting community and took social media by storm.

The twenty-eight-centimetre doll has caused a mixed reaction among parents with one online user branding it, "horrid and shouldn’t be for little kids".

However, the £2.48 doll being sold on Amazon is doing something right with some positive reviews from those who have purchased the mum-to-be plastic doll.

It has even scored five out of five stars by one reviewer who said;

‘Very good product, I expected it to be really poor quality as it was so cheap, but I was quite impressed!’

Cheap imitation

Some have said via social media the doll is a cheap imitation which is shipped from China and not licenced by Mattel as bad quality and "scary".

It has been suggested the doll could be used to explain to a younger child how reproduction works but may result in a few questions being asked when the baby is removed from the stomach only. Sure, we have C-Sections, but they don’t quite look like this.

Website PopSugar also said it could be a tool to introduce the idea of a new sibling to a child.

Those who have commented online have questioned the doll not being anatomically quite right.

Body image

Other than the fact babies are not born from removing your whole stomach and leaving a large hole for them to be pulled out of we also must address the body image problems the doll has.

From verging on painfully thin legs to the fact she is heavily pregnant and about to give birth sporting a full face of make-up, impeccably groomed long hair and wait for it, every pregnant woman’s go-to shoe high heels.

Not only is the doll selling for a fraction of the price of an actual Barbie but also includes free delivery, a steal if you can hold out for the month-long wait to be shipped from China.

It is a number one best seller in Fashion Dolls according to the online shopping giant Amazon and available on online marketplace heavyweight, E Bay. If you are considering purchasing the doll, you can even buy a six-piece educational family set for under ten pounds!

Complete with a brightly coloured pregnancy smock, your children can play mummy and baby again and again with the baby being able to go back in for another birth later!