The Fox News Republican presidential debate held on Thursday 3rd March 2016 witnessed Rubio making a lot of personal comments on Donald Trump. In a new low of ugliness which proved to be entertaining for the audiences Trump was also seen defending his penis size at the debate. Rubio is reported to have said that if there is any candidate who deserves to be attacked personally it had to be Trump as he himself indulges into a lot of personal comments while he gives his speeches. At the debate Rubio is reported to have said that he has perfectly fine hands and that Trump had small hands and something else which is small hinting at Trump’s penis.


This is not the first time that Donald Trump’s hands have become a topic of discussion. He has been very defensive about his hands; it was in 1988 that the Spy magazine first called his hands small with the statement “short-fingered Vulgarian”. In a hilarious turn of events, Trump is still reported to be sending pictures of his hands to the editor of the currently defunct publication just to prove that his hands are not small indeed.

The two hour long debate was full of personal attacks and jokes; the time which should have been spent on showing off their intelligence and plans was kind of wasted and ended up creating a complete mockery of the whole thing. Twitter took over the personal remarks and in a fraction of time Trump was trending with his trolls and memes.

Apart from the jokes and the personal war, the front runner in the Republican race also admitted that he has changed his views on issues and cited flexibility as a reason for the same. Experienced and senior Republicans have even been reported to have said that Trump is a liability set to nothing to but lose in the elections.

Some of the highlights of the debate were Trump pressing to move his clothing manufacturing to US and justifying killing of families of terrorists. For now we will have to wait and watch who wins and how the Trump drama unfolds in the next few days. #Internet #Government #Blasting News UK