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Apple's iPhone 7 Plus retro edition

The vintage limited edition of iPhone 7 Plus is out now on the US market
The vintage limited edition model has started selling in the market of the United States. The design of the retro edition Apple iPhone 7 Plus that features a multi-colour retro logo is made by ColorWare, a company that specialized in creating custom skins and design. Basically, the Retro iPhone 7 Plus is just regular unlocked 256GB black iPhone 7+. The price of the smartphone is $969, but when you buy the retro edition, it will cost you a $1,899, because you will add $930 for the retro paint job. The retro design comes from the old school beige, rainbow-coloured Apple logo and the lines copied from the vents of the original Macintosh. Steve Jobs introduced the original Macintosh on January 24, 1984. This was the first personal computer that features integral graphical user interface and mouse sold on the market by Apple. The first model was renamed to "Macintosh 128K" for uniqueness and later on they called it "Mac" iPhone 7+ Specs The latest smartphone by Apple is the best phone so...
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