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John Lewis to launch And/Or fashion line

John Lewis shows its fashion cred by upping their game on the style front
#John Lewis has announced, as reported by #Vogue, that they are launching another new luxury line in a select group of stores this week called And/Or. It comes on the heels of their other luxury line, Modern Rarity. It has been created in collaboration with American LA denim experts #Calvin Rucker. It is a 90-piece collection that will focus on denim but has a whole list of other items to beef out its collection, including some statement pieces that will be created each season. The vibe is intentionally laid back and channelling all things of a Californian feel. The range has a high street feel with a price tag veering on the upper end. What will the collection consist of? Iain Ewing, head of design of womenswear and accessories for John Lewis has said that they worked to create a collection of lines within the John Lewis branding to try to offer unique fashion for their customers. He further commented that Modern Rarity (which launched last year), John Lewis' first luxury label, has...
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