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Michael Ballack on why Mesut Özil hasn't signed a new deal at Arsenal yet

The retired Germany international explains what Özil may be waiting for before he signs an extension with the Gunners.
Along with Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Özil is considered to be one of the best players currently playing at Arsenal. The former Real Madrid man is also Arsenal's all-time record signing, and his arrival at the Emirates was meant to signal the dawn of a new era at the North London club. With Özil, the Gunners managed to end a 9-year trophy drought by winning back-to-back FA Cups. This season, Arsenal may lose out on a top 4 spot in the Premier League, following a dismal run of form. They also face the prospect of losing both of their star players in the summer, as neither Özil nor Sanchez have agreed to sign a new deal yet. Michael Ballack has now explained why Özil may be hesitating to sign a new contract. Özil waiting on Wenger to sign new deal Michael Ballack has told Sky Sports that Özil may be waiting for Wenger to sign a new deal before committing his own future to the Gunners. The former Chelsea midfielder further emphasized the conundrum that Özil is currently facing and said:...
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