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Snooker: SightRight vs Blade - the battle for supremacy

Coaching in snooker is changing, as coaches invent new technologies and new ways to help producing winners.
The battle in the snooker cue making industry at the moment is heating up. Steve Feeney of SightRight and Gary Filtness of the Blade cue are two people with similar ambitions, eager to make the next World Snooker Champion using their revolutionary cue technology and coaching training. In the red corner, you've got the SightRight cue technology, which already has a top profile in snooker and has already produced past winners - even a World Champion. But there is hunger in the SightRight quarters to create many more Champions on the tour. This patented cue technology is designed to tell you whether you are cueing online and was the creator of Feeney, who also has created it for Darts and Golf. Stuart Bingham won the 2015 World Championship with the aid of SightRight cue practice techniques - and the app that comes with it. Martin Gould, Stuart Bingham, and Mark Williams all have practised, used and turned their attention to SightRight in their careers at one time. Two-time World Champion...