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“Dragon Ball super”: brand new information revealed

The desperation of the last combat of the preliminary tournament of Dragon Ball Super.
Amazing! Few minutes ago, the important titles and synopsis of the next episodes of dragon ball super of February and March were released. The 80th episode of the symbolic series: Dragon Ball Super will be premiered next Saturday February 25th. The official title of this episode is: "Awaken Your Sleeping Battle Spirit! Son Gohan's Fight!!" Likewise, the 81st episode will be premiered on Saturday March 4th, in its regular schedule. Its official title is “Bérgamo, The overwhelming mighty warrior from the Dangerous trio vs Son Goku". In addition the 82nd will be premiered on Saturday March 18th. The corresponding title is: "The brave powerful warrior. The Big toppo joins the battle”. If you don’t know who toppo is, he is the official leader and warrior from the universe eleven. Besides, of being the leader of patrol that defends the whole universe from the evil forces. His team is called “Proud Warriors” The power of this person is so overwhelming that makes him capable of...
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