There can be no doubt about the stupidity of the civil partnership law. It has created a situation where there are unequal rights for "straight" people.

Who ever drafted the Civil Partnership Bill needs shooting!


Why? Well quite frankly it doesn't make sense. It is simply bad legislation.

The Law has effectively created a situation of inequality for heterosexual couples. I don't think the purpose of this legislation was to discriminate against heterosexual couples; but, that is, effectively, what it does.

What precisely is wrong with the Civil Partnership Bill?

Basically, a Civil Partnership provides legal recognition of a same-sex couple.


However, a heterosexual couple cannot have a Civil Partnership.

So, what's the problem? Is this just naval-gazing liberals getting obsessed with a equal rights?

Well, no! The problem is that as a heterosexual I have to choose between a non-legally recognised Commitment Ceremony, which is nothing like a Civil Partnership - and is more like re-newing wedding vows; or I have to have a full-blown Marriage Ceremony. Many heterosexuals will feel quesy about the Institution of Marriage. Feminists may object. Atheists could object. Marriage is not a Civil (Partnership) Ceremony; Marriage is an institution with traditional and religious elements embodied into it.

There is currently a legal case trying to force a change in the law to allow opposite sex couples to have a Civil Partnership; and a campaign group called "Equal Love" are running an online petition to try to change the law.

Even if you are not bothered about the rights of heterosexuals, and don't see why they would want a Civil Partnership, there is still reason to sign the petition; and this is because (as I said at the start of this article) this is simply bad legislation.


I don't think the Civil Partnerships Act was ever designed to treat heterosexuals unequally, and discriminate against them in terms of their choices about confirming their legal recognition as a couple. However, this is precisely what The Law as it is currently written does!

It is simply a daft law, and a bad piece of legislation.

And the consequence is that a heterosexual couple cannot legally have a Civil Partnership.

I cannot see any reason why the small change in the law that Equal Love are proposing could be objected to. I fully support the right of heterosexual couples to have a Civil Partnership. And, I'd encourage to sign the "Equal Love" petition. #Lawsuit #Government