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Ten reasons why Donald Trump is good for the US and the rest

Just elected and ready to change the States and the world as we know it
I'm part American Irish myself and I look forward to going to the States and living there for a while in the future. Now I look forward to it because the United States of America have a new leader to look up to: Donald Trump. Reasons why he is good for the States and for humanity: He is not a politician The States has been under politicians for quite a while now and having him around is a breath of fresh air no doubt. He is rich He doesn't need to steal anything because he has a fortune of his own. He gets along with the Russian president He has shown amicability towards president Vladimir Putin, one of the most powerful men in the world. Duterte likes him The Philippine president, who disliked Obama and the Pope. Looks at Donald Trump with good eyes, because they have similar personalities. He doesn't care about others' opinions The problem with most presidents under democracy is that they are controlled by the lobbies and people who gave them money to support and control their...
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