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Vietnam: A warning from history

This powerful documentary is a warning for us all, we can choose to learn from it or ignore it.
Everyone now knows that the Iraq War was wrong. Everyone now knows that we were fortunate not to have deployed ground troops in the Syrian mess. Not so many people mention the anarchy in Libya. It's best not to mention Afghanistan, but the point is the same, everyone knows after the fact that we were wrong to involve ourselves in countries which most of us can just about locate on a map. Iraq was not the first time that we had the chance to learn this lesson, and then promptly ignore it, that came much earlier in a country which is synonymous with American failure: #Vietnam. 'What fools we are...' Whenever the importance of learning history is discussed, someone will invariably quote George Santayana to point out that we will repeat the mistakes of the past if we do not learn our history. They are right, but it does not matter in #Britain and the #United States because our leaders will carry on regardless. You would be forgiven for not noticing the interesting ten-part documentary on...