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Hungary, the home of the barbed-wire nation

The Hungarian elections are fast approaching and the ruling party is trying everything they can to maintain their lead. A nation's future is at stake.
Hungary is a tiny country of ten million people in the middle of Europe. We could say, politically and strategically irrelevant, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Orbán Viktor, the prime minister of Hungary makes plenty of waves in the European Union, and not necessarily good ones. His campaign against immigrants is now worldwide known, calling them terrorists. He ordered a 175 km long fence built at the southern border in order to stop the migrants from flowing into the country. But he did not stop there; he wants Hungarians to fear from every stranger and build up their own fences, but this time in their own mind. Corruption is growing As the elections are coming, Orbán has realised, he can use migration as a weapon for his own cause. He and his party Fidesz ( Alliance of Young Democrats ) are aiming to win the upcoming elections next spring, no matter what. For years Fidesz has given many of the main positions in banks, courts, newspapers etc. to their own comrades....