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A Tale of Two very different Queens

How our current rulers have had to learn a series of lessons the hard way
For those who clamour for a Monarchy Free Britain, one has only to look at the actions of the Queen and Prince William over the past four days to realise what an asset - rather than a liability - they are for this country. Sadly, the same cannot be said of our Prime Minister, whose ineptitude has only deepened, so as to be booed and pilloried each time she raises her head above the Number 10 parapet. The Monarchy Queen Elizabeth II, a woman who has been slow in the past to show her inner feelings, hiding them in a cloak of duty and service to her country, stepped up to the mark on her June 16th visit accompanied by Prince William to a Grenfell Tower relief centre for victims of the fire. Her grandson returned only days later to make another effort to raise the spirits of the defeated. She learned a valuable lesson on the death of Diana, - the 20 year anniversary is only weeks away - and has never shown to be lacking in any crisis since. William, of course, is the child of his mother,...