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UK Muslims under attack since Manchester and London incidents

Extremist ideology impacting the Muslim community of the UK and also in Europe
An expert on the far right Matthew Feldman has highlighted the rise in attacks on Muslims or their places of worship since the attacks in Manchester and London. The most well known and reported one being the attack on the mosque in London by Darren Osborne when he used a van as a weapon copying Jihadi attacks in Europe and the UK. Speaking to Sky News Feldman said there had been a spike in attacks since the London and Manchester attacks in the UK. This news comes as shocking but not surprising and for him to say there has been a spike in the attacks shows right now attacks are indeed on the rise. Even before Manchester and London ever since 9/11 and beyond Muslims have been singled out for verbal and physical attacks so perhaps this rise in attacks is nothing new. Whenever a Jihadi incident happens retaliation can be expected either by lone wolf attackers or by far-right groups not unlike how the Jihadi attacks operate. Feldman said that however, the attacks happen on Muslims in the UK...