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'The Peerless Peer' review: a Sherlock and Tarzan team-up

Holmes and Greystoke meet in Titan's 'The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'
What better time to review this particular Holmes novel, than at the end of the year that brought back "Tarzan"(2016's "The Legend of Tarzan.") and before the year that will see BBC's "Sherlock" return to our screen. On top of that, with the release of "Passengers and Arrival," it felt right to look at the world of a science fiction icon, Philip Jose Farmer (Riverworld). Set at a much later point in their lives, an elderly Holmes and Watson are on the trail of the diabolical Von Bork (from "His Last Bow"), and end up in Africa, in the midst of World War I. As they make their way through the jungle, who should they meet but none other than Lord Greystoke, lord of the Apes... Reviled by Holmesians, what is Farmer's crime? Well, he has a considerable ball at the expense of Conan Doyle. Holmes and Watson get royally put through the ringer here: wildly flown about, shot at, dropped, sweating through dense jungle and hiding up trees for hours at a time, Holmes is in such an...