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When will Corbyn condemn Sinn Fein?

The Labour Leader has a long history with the republicans. It is time he altered it.
I once stumbled upon an article that argued there have been many instances where Jeremy Corbyn has been on the 'right' side of history. One example it provided was the Northern Ireland Peace Process, whereby the current Labour Leader was 'engaging in dialogue' with Gerry Adams before mainstream British politicians did. No one can argue with the fact that it was talks, not bombs, that brought an end to the Ulster conflict. However, this article's interpretation of Mr. Corbyn's actions then have been misconstrued to fit the columnist's agenda. During that time, Mr. Corbyn never brought the leaders of other Northern Irish parties together to discuss a peaceful solution. He only spoke to Sinn Fein. That is because the republicans share the same beliefs as the current Labour Leader: a hatred of the British and its institutions, particularly the monarchy. The IRA will stop at nothing to drag the British out of Ulster and unify Ireland by force. This is the cynical reason behind Mr. Corbyn's...