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Corbyn, May and relations with Turkey

May’s dream is being Ankara’s major defense partner, but Corbyn seems thinking different
Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan secured back his position as the leader of 15 years long governing AK Party in Turkey after the questionable results of the constitutional referendum on April. Three months before, he had a special guest from England, Prime Minister Theresa May. The two leaders signed a deal of 100 million pounds, concerning supply of jet fighters to Turkey by England. This deal gives hope for May in becoming the major defence partner of Ankara. However, after the joint press statement, May underlined the point of Turkey’s controversial balance sheet on human rights and democracy. “Turkey must uphold its international human rights obligations” she said. Makes sense? May’s hopes of being Turkey’s defense partner do have a pragmatic meaning as Turkey, a country whose army had always been busy with internal and external assignments for decades, is always spending money for purchasing or modernising weapons. Being such a buyer, it would not make sense to expect...