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Donald Trump: Biased coverage against the current President of the United States

Should not the BBC and other news outlets be objective when reporting on politics?
The incidents that took place in Charlottesville over the weekend are to be condemned, that goes without question, however, the media only seems to be focusing on the march by right-wing extremists. Yes, the language they used and their appearance was disgusting and frightening, as they marched with their torches it brought back memories of old newsreels showing the Nazis marching and also the KKK. It was natural there would be a counter demonstration by those who know the danger of these people. However, there were also left wing extremists there just out to cause trouble who have an agenda of hate and violence - just as bad as the far right. But it appears the BBC and other news outlets only seemed to report on the far right march and the trouble and mayhem they caused. Never once did the BBC and others go into a great deal about the violence and aggressive behaviour of the far left groups assembled there that day. Donald Trump condemned the violence by both sides and he was right to...