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Nadal, Federer and others could take the most out of Djokovic's stunning upset

Djokovic's early exit means that the bottom half of the draw remains without its pack leader
In tennis, whenever an unexpected result occurs there are some dramatic changes when it comes to the big picture as some players are given a burst of morale and ultimately an improbable help in their...
19 January 2017 -
C. F

Roger Federer breezes past Berdych, sets clash with Nishikori

The 35-year-old Swiss star made no wrong steps in the 3rd round of the Australian Open
Another round of matches just ended in Melbourne earlier today with the first chunk of the 3rd round up on the table. In the last match of the session, Roger Federer (17 ATP) faced Tomas Berdych at...
20 January 2017 -
C. F

How can Roger Federer defeat Nishikori

Roger Federer will face Kei Nishikori for a place in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open
Having a long inactivity period and recovering due to a knee injury, Roger Federer headed to the Australian Open with no big dreams or high expectations as he personally admitted. But, the Australian...
21 January 2017 -
C. F
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  • Serena Williams shows no signs of weakness yet

    The 35-year-old American secured a 3rd round spot in Melbourne at the end of a solid performance
    Having no official matches under the belt since September 2016, Serena Williams came up in Australia after a quick detour in Auckland. Back there, she failed to produce some real damage and eventually...
    20 January 2017
    C. F
  • Why Roger Federer won`t win Australian Open 2017 or any other Grand Slam

    Federer, 35, made his comeback in the ATP World Tour with a solid win but it`s not enough
    The Australian Open 2017 marked the moment of Roger Federer`s return to the ATP World Tour. As he played his first match on the ATP circuit since Wimbledon 2016, Federer had his fans quite excited....
    18 January 2017
    C. F
  • Rafael Nadal is entitled to hope for a Grand Slam triumph in Melbourne

    The 30-year-old Spaniard returned to the ATP circuit following a long-lasting wrist injury
    In the past 2 seasons, Rafael Nadal, former world no. 1, went through a lot of trouble having to deal with injuries and a low form overall. Last spring, he seemed to be on the right recovery track as...
    18 January 2017
    C. F
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