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Arsene Wenger has plans for a massive overhaul at Arsenal

The Arsenal boss is set to sign a new deal, but plans an "unprecedented recruitment effort"
Arsene Wenger's future at Arsenal has been the subject of much speculation in recent weeks. After going through a poor run of form, Arsenal has only managed to win two games in their last five, with...
26 March 2017 -
P. Kriengkraisakul

Thierry Henry on replacing Arsene Wenger at Arsenal

Henry refuses to rule out the possibility of potentially replacing the Arsenal boss.
Thierry Henry is without doubt a living Arsenal legend. The French striker signed for the Gunners at the age of 21, and it was at Highbury, the previous home stadium of Arsenal, that Henry made his...
27 March 2017 -
P. Kriengkraisakul

Why Julian Nagelsmann is perfect to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal

The young TSG Hoffenheim manager has won many admirers during his tenure in Germany
It seems every day there is new speculation about Arsene Wenger's future at Arsenal. The Frenchman has been a stalwart at the Gunners for decades now, and has brought some of the very best times to...
26 March 2017 -
G. Marrable
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  • David de Gea is Real Madrid's priority this summer

    Sky Sports presenter believes Los Blancos need to sign the Manchester United goalkeeper
    Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea should be Real Madrid’s number one transfer target this season, according to David Garrido on Sky Sport’s La Liga Weekly podcast. The Los Blancos have...
    25 March 2017
    A. Storer
  • Dean Humphreys: GB Deaf Football manager fighting to go to Deaflympics

    The GBDF team hoping for glory, but no lottery funding means they may not go.
    Dean Humphreys is a profoundly deaf 53-year-old traffic technician for the London Borough of Hounslow. He struggles to speak, but largely communicates by lip reading or British Sign Language (BSL). He...
    20 March 2017
    A. Storer
  • Why Craig Shakespeare’s Champions League dream could still have a tragic ending

    Leicester might have made history with victory over Sevilla, but will Europe’s elite club competition distract the Foxes from their relegation battle?
    If you had lumped on Leicester being the last English representative in the Champions League back in August, you would have been laughing all the way to the bookies following Manchester City's...
    16 March 2017
    S. . Carp
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  • Top five goalkeeping displays against Manchester United

    See if you agree with my list of best performances by opposing keepers against Man United
    Bournemouth’s Artur Boruc added his name to the list of goalkeepers producing man of the match displays against Manchester United this season. Despite Zlatan Ibrahimovic's goalscoring form...
    9 March 2017
    J. Wylie
  • Football: the Implications of the weekend’s results from the Premier League

    Football: a look back at the biggest results of the weekend’s Premier League fixtures and what it means for the season ahead.
    We are coming towards the end of the 2016/17 season of the Premier League and, while the title seems to be going to Chelsea barring some disaster, there is still a lot to play for. There is...
    13 March 2017
    A. Turner
  • Nottingham Forest youngster on Everton's radar

    Brennan Johnson deal could mark under-16 transfer record for the Championshib club.
    Premier league interest in young Red Fifteen year old Brennan Johnson, son of former Ipswich Town and Nottingham Forest striker David Johnson, is allegedly a transfer target for Everton FC who are...
    23 March 2017
    J. Shirtcliffe
  • Alexis Sanchez long term Arsenal future in doubt

    Will his substitute role last weekend edge him closer to The Emirates exit door?
    Alexis Sanchez's long term future at Arsenal has been under some uncertainity for quite a while but perhaps the issue was made a little clearer last Saturday after only featuring as a substitute when...
    6 March 2017
    D. Tracey
  • Champions Leagues best penalty takers

    While it may seem easy, it´s not easy to score penalties at closer than a few meters from the football goal
    While kicking the ball into thefov#football goal seems easy from the stands, it's not so easy for those who have to kick the ball. A little less than two-thirds of Champions League penalties have been...
    14 March 2017
    J. J. Gutierrez
  • MLS 2017: The ones to watch as action kicks off

    Maturity the key as gimmicks phased out from US premier division and standard improves
    Ah, The MLS. Where aging players go to earn themselves a final pay-off. That may have been true in the past, but this year things are starting to change. Gone are Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and...
    3 March 2017
    A. Pusinelli
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