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Who will make the Championship Play-Off's?

With three games left to go, the race to make the Play-Off's is intensifying, so who will make it and have a chance to reach the Premier League?
Promotion to the Premier League is the aim for every football club in the Championship, especially when you look at the financial rewards. However, only 3 teams can ascend to the Premier League and 1...
21 April 2017 -
A. Turner

Leicester cheated out of a win!

The need for Video Assisted Referee's is even more abundant now more than ever.
Did you watch the Leicester game last night? Did you also notice how horrendously biased and unfair the referee was? Does he need glasses or was he just asleep for most of the match? Well thinking...
13 April 2017 -

Aaron Ramsey insists players are happy to play for Arsene Wenger

The Welsh international declares that Arsenal players remain unaffected by Arsenal turmoil.
Aaron Ramsey and the rest of the Arsenal squad have been heavily criticised for their inconsistency and lack of determination on the pitch. Many believe that this is due to the players' weak mentality...
9 April 2017 -
T. A. Journal
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  • Video Assisted Refereeing: we need it now!

    Referee inconsistency and bias is getting out of hand, too many mistakes leads to frustrated angry fans.
    Did you watch Match of The Day last night? I lost count of how many fouls were missed, and how inconsistent the referees actually are. Watching the highlights of the Premiership games last night...
    6 April 2017
  • Ibrahimovic: 'I'm like Benjamin Button I was born old and die young'

    Manchester United's Ibrahimovic compares himself to Benjamin Button in funny post-match interview.
    After Manchester United's performance against Sunderland Sunday afternoon was somewhat lacking in something - possibly passion, Zlatan made us all giggle with his self-comparison to Benjamin Button,...
    10 April 2017
  • Bets on for Football Controversy this weekend!

    The cut-off point is imminent - who's going to get sent off before the slate's wiped clean!?
    Ok, so the bets are on for who's going to get sent off this weekend before the cut-off point for wiping the slate clean. My bet's on pretty much any player for any team, I'd like to say Costa or Pedro...
    7 April 2017
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  • Club versus country: the difference between football and rugby union

    Priority of allegiance differs between both sports' respective supporters
    While infuriated fans of one sport scream ‘It’s not rugby!’ in the aftermath of a heavy tackle, referees of the other scornfully remind mouthy players that ‘This is not soccer.’ We are...
    31 March 2017
    C. Elster
  • Arsene Wenger has plans for a massive overhaul at Arsenal

    The Arsenal boss is set to sign a new deal, but plans an "unprecedented recruitment effort"
    Arsene Wenger's future at Arsenal has been the subject of much speculation in recent weeks. After going through a poor run of form, Arsenal has only managed to win two games in their last five, with...
    26 March 2017
    T. A. Journal
  • Who will make the Top 4 in the Premier League?

    The International Break is over, the Premier League is back and some Top 4 places are still up for grabs, but who are the contenders?
    Let’s be honest, International Breaks are annoying. Most football fans in Britain have more of an affinity with their clubs than the football team of their country. Thankfully, this recent...
    1 April 2017
    A. Turner
  • Thierry Henry on replacing Arsene Wenger at Arsenal

    Henry refuses to rule out the possibility of potentially replacing the Arsenal boss.
    Thierry Henry is without doubt a living Arsenal legend. The French striker signed for the Gunners at the age of 21, and it was at Highbury, the previous home stadium of Arsenal, that Henry made his...
    27 March 2017
    T. A. Journal
  • Chelsea send scouts to watch Franck Kessie and Andrea Conti

    The young Atalanta duo have impressed this season and attracting several top clubs
    #Chelsea have sent scouts to watch Atalanta’s Franck Kessie and Andrea Conti play against Genoa, as manager Antonio Conte keeps tabs on potential summer transfer targets, per Italian website...
    1 April 2017
    A. Storer
  • Why Julian Nagelsmann is perfect to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal

    The young TSG Hoffenheim manager has won many admirers during his tenure in Germany
    It seems every day there is new speculation about Arsene Wenger's future at Arsenal. The Frenchman has been a stalwart at the Gunners for decades now, and has brought some of the very best times to...
    26 March 2017
    G. Marrable
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