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Johanna Konta feels good in Australia

The 25-years-old tennis player outshined Wozniacki for a place in the Australian Open 4th round.
While looking at the top 10 WTA, it won`t take long to notice that on that list there is a particular name popping out. Johanna Konta currently the British no. 1 in women`s singles is rather an...
21 January 2017 -
C. F

Donald Trump officially becomes President of the United States

Today it becomes official as Trump is sworn into the Oval Office and made the most powerful man in America
It’s been one heck of an election race these past few months. The impossible happened. Donald Trump has been working towards his Presidency for almost two years, and that whole time, no one anywhere...
20 January 2017 -
B. Sherlock

Serena Williams shows no signs of weakness yet

The 35-year-old American secured a 3rd round spot in Melbourne at the end of a solid performance
Having no official matches under the belt since September 2016, Serena Williams came up in Australia after a quick detour in Auckland. Back there, she failed to produce some real damage and eventually...
20 January 2017 -
C. F
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  • Will President Trump be impeached?

    While impeachments are hard to come by, Trump is showing signs of committing impeachable acts very soon
    Ladbrokes are taking 2-1 odds that at some point during his term, soon-to-be President Trump will be impeached and kicked out of the Oval Office. Let’s take a moment on the day his Presidency begins...
    20 January 2017
    B. Sherlock
  • Donald Trump borrowing 24-year-old idea from Hillary Clinton

    The President-elect is continuing his gallant crusade against the media.
    Following the grand tradition of Eleanor Roosevelt and paving the way for Michelle Obama, when Hillary Clinton became First Lady of the United States twenty-four years ago, she was eager to have her...
    16 January 2017
    B. Sherlock
  • Hillary Clinton’s Democratic nomination was rigged, evidence suggests

    It sounds like something Trump would say, but evidence points to Hillary illegitimately beating Bernie to the nomination
    Democrats are unhappy about Donald Trump’s victory, to say the least. They find comfort in evidence that Russia rigged the election and Hillary Clinton should’ve won, but there is also blatant...
    16 January 2017
    B. Sherlock
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  • ‘The Big Bang Theory’: casting underway for young Sheldon

    Here’s what fans can expect from the new (not to mention ill-advised) spinoff series
    As the massive $500 million+ success of “Rogue One” will show, people are interested in seeing the younger incarnations of their favourite characters. That’s what CBS are thinking in...
    27 December 2016
    B. Sherlock
  • A full list of every celebrity who died in 2016

    Every movie star, every sports icon, every musician who bit the dust in this terrible year.
    2016 hasn’t been a very fun year. We left the EU, a megalomaniac was elected President, there’s been like a hundred ISIS attacks around the world in random places so no one has any idea where...
    28 December 2016
    B. Sherlock
  • Roger Federer is about to resume his tennis career

    The Swiss tennis legend has been sidelined off the tennis court for most part of the previous season
    Out there, on the ATP World Tour circuit, it is a tremendous struggle for most of the professional tennis players. Despite the fact of having great ambitions once they put their foot for the first...
    29 December 2016
    C. F
  • Michael Schumacher's morbid anniversary

    On 29th December 2013, the ex Formula 1 German pilot was the victim of a strange accident in the French Alps.
    If one thing is for sure is that the time is flowing faster than we might want to. And this fact is so obvious during the winter holidays while most of us are sitting on a couch or something similar...
    30 December 2016
    C. F
  • 'Sherlock' shocks fans with the very first episode of season 4

    Holmes and Watson return to television with a bigger than expected bang
    While the world was busy celebrating New Year’s Eve and still basking in its glory, “Sherlock” fans were waiting desperately for the Season 4 premiere. Sherlock Holmes and Watson who have always...
    2 January 2017
    M. Balsara
  • Will this be Keith Urban's next hit?

    Country singer Keith Urban pays tribute to George Michael, David Bowie, Prince and others in a powerful medley of songs.
    Australian country superstar Keith Urban has kicked off 2017 with an impassioned musical tribute to some of the singers who died last year, including George Michael, Prince, David Bowie and country...
    7 January 2017
    D. . Mcpherson
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