Amongst these were 14 alleged rapes and one excuse given was the increased workload. I'm not saying all these and other record crimes were genuine, but if even one was genuine, then surely it's one too many which the #Police failed to take seriously.

As a woman, the unrecorded alleged rapes concern me the most. I know the fear of walking alone home at night and perhaps it would be easier to just cover my self from head to toe in a onesie so as not to "lead anyone on" and perhaps lock myself away in my flat and never come out, so as not to give anyone the wrong idea. Even before the news of crimes going unrecorded, it was apparent that rape isn't taken seriously enough by the police.

Following the last 24 hour tweetathon from Greater Manchester police, it's easy to see why the police are so busy, but they need to prioritise. In a ideal world they would have the resources to record every single crime or complaint. As this doesn't seem to be possible, perhaps they need to deal with recording the more serious crimes first and focus less on time wasters. The tweetathon revealed calls received such as someone complaining about a person feeding pigeons and someone complaining that their child was refusing to go to school. The police then went to the callers house and took the child to school. Considering that other more serious crimes seem to be getting ignored, maybe this wasn't the best use of police time. The public could also play their part by not wasting police time.

It would be easy to fall into the trap of thinking, whether rightly or wrongly that the police can't keep us safe. Upon moving into my flat, I signed up to local news alerts. It appears this was a mistake I've now lost count of the amount of drug dealing and robberies which have taken place, almost on my doorstep. To think that a fifth of these will go unrecorded only adds to the apprehension of knowing that even out of the crimes which are recorded, many will receive little or no sentence.

So what is the problem? Is there so much crime been committed that the police don't have the time and the manpower to record all the crime and deal with the piles of relevant paperwork? Do the government need to be spending more to enable the police to do their jobs? What can we do? While I would never suggest we attempt to do the job of the police or try to become vigilantes, we can all do our bit. How many times has it been reported that people have just walked by while someone was so obviously a victim of crime, been mugged, beaten up or worse? Of course we need to use common sense in these situations. If someone is being beaten up by a gang of thugs, then I know stepping in to offer my body as a punch bag, will do very little to benefit the victim. At the very least, I could call the police, and try to get other passers-by to help me to help the victim if he or she is immediate danger. After all, if people aren't prepared to step in to help and report crimes, how can they complain when the police fail to record crimes. #Security