It's the same problem every bloody year - 'holiday weight'. I've eaten yet again, far too much over the merry season and am facing the consequences. The chocolate is killer. I don't even like chocolate that much, but if it's lying around, I'll eat it.


Surely this is the only time of year where people have food in every single room. It's not fair, you've got no chance to begin with. Stocking chocolate left in bedrooms, chocolate on a tree in the sitting room, along with the box sets from friends, remains of Turkey every where. How are you meant to avoid it?

This year, I had already put on unwanted weight anyway and keeping it off has been difficult, even as a size 10. Before Christmas, I have been eating in a catered accommodation at university.


The food is so abysmal, the only edible options every day seem to be a form of chips and chicken. So I've eaten terribly, and drunk too much beer in the evenings. Mmm. Beer. It's a form of punishment for enjoying yourself too much. And the scary part is, the more I've eaten the same tragic diet, the harder it's been to turn it around. I honestly went into every meal telling myself it would be salad and a banana, and then's curly fries day today. I'll be good tomorrow.

My clothes will still just about squeeze on, but I have to make much more of an effort to suck my stomach in than I ever had to before. I probably have Michelin muscles surrounding my gut now.

It doesn't help that my two closest friends are extremely health conscious. Every lunch I have they sit with salad, or soup, or carrots! And I'm eating chicken and chips again..then after that they head to the gym and run for hours. But on the plus side, cake.

Milly made me go once while she did an exercise class in another room. I went flying off the running machine and landed on a guy on the rowing thing, sweated like an absolute pig, and could not walk - quite literally - for about three days afterwards..


This coming term I will be determined to head back to the gym, properly this time, and copy my peers with meal content. It's not going to be easy. At least I have one constant friend: wine. #Festivities