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Top five foods for summer skin

Perfect your summer glow for this year's heatwave with these quick hacks.
In solidarity with the proverbial emphasis on inner beauty being a reflection of one's true self, today's health article will be focusing the top five foods for your summer skin journey. The skin is your body's largest organ and in addition to acting as a barrier from outdoor pollutants, the skin comprises of an excretory system expelling bodily toxins. Your skin is a reflection of your inside physical and mental health while defining your outside confidence and interactions. Vitamin C One of the most neglected vitamins in efficiently repairing free radical damage that cause dryness, fine lines and wrinkles thereby effectively brightening your skin. Furthermore, Vitamin C contains a multiplicity of antioxidants which grant photoprotection acting as a resourceful tool alongside your SPF 25. Intake of Vitamin C effectively targets superficial conditions such as cellulite and uneven pigmentation. Start your day with a Vitamin C cocktail of oranges, kiwis, and yellow peppers to banish...