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Mexico: UNAM scientists created first non-toxic Biofungicide

Fungifree AB® is a product designed to combat pests without consequences for the plant
Fungifree AB®: The first Biofungicide The first Biofungicide made at UNAM was created from an asylum foliage of mango foliage, which can be used to replace chemical synthesis products in agriculture, without toxicity problems. Scientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) developed and patented Fungifree AB®, which allows the control of Anthracnose (disease in plants) in mango orchards and other crops. UNAM: How Biofungicide was created? Researcher Leobardo Serrano Carreon explained that the Biofungicide was created from a bacterium isolated from mango foliage, which can be used to replace the chemical synthesis products used in agriculture without toxicity problems. The patent protects the technology of production and use of a formulation based on a bacterium Bacillus subtilis, a phytopathogenic fungal antagonist microorganism. This means that it causes diseases in some plants of commercial importance and this bacterium, which is the active principle of this...