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An alternative Saturday at the BBC Food Show

The BBC Food Show was a way to taste great food and watch the professionals cook up a storm
The BBC Food Show On A Saturday My dad suggested that we go to the BBC Food Show . Where there were endless stalls offering tasty treats. We sampled food and drink including cheeses, salami and savoury popcorn. As well as some orange flavoured lemonade and a new brand of tea. Finding my way around NEC Birmingham was tricky and at times impossible, People erupting into spaces everywhere. I lost count of the amount of times I got separated from my dad. I had a duck pancake for lunch from a stall that was cooking those on one side and chicken tikka kebabs on the other side. Asked by one of the other chefs the man behind the counter told him they were based in Manchester. Zigging and zagging through the maze of makeshift tents my dad`s partner was forever dragging me towards the chocolate samples. There was also a stall where we could have a go at piping icing. It was hard work my dad was better at it than I was. We agreed that there should have been more stalls that encouraged you to make...