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Military deployed to assist in multiple Italy earthquakes - deep snow hinders assessments

The military are responding to at least three strong earthquakes that hit snow-bound Central Italy earlier today (Video)
Military vehicles are bumper to bumper in snow-bound conditions in Central Italy where earlier today multiple earthquakes struck the central region of the country. Few reports of damage or injury are getting out, but weather conditions are severe. The three quakes, one of which was 5.5kms west south west of Amatrice, the town that was devasted last year by another quake that killed over 200 people, came 50 minutes apart, followed ten minutes later by another and this was followed by yet another one in the region of 4 magnitude. The first three registered 5.7 and 5.3 which is enough to cause damage. There have been days of steady snowfall in Central Italy and this is hampering search and rescue operations. Military responding in heavy snow - watch the video. Ruptly Tv has posted the video of the snow-bound conditions and the military trying to respond to the quake. They reported that "Military vehicles were spotted joining response efforts after a 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck the...
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