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The far right led by Geert Wilder are stopped in the Netherlands election

The defeat of the extremist Geert Wilder is perhaps not the end of him but is a setback to people who want change but he did increase his vote share
The election in Netherlands to parliament had aroused a lot of interest in Europe, the USA, Russia, and the UK. This was because there was an attempt by a far right candidate to emerge as a new power point. The aim was to reverse the ongoing attitude towards Muslim migrants and the complete unification of Europe. The man Gert Wilder had made Donald Trump his model. Unfortunately Gert could not win as was hoped by him. But significantly he and his party increased their vote share and seats in the Dutch parliament. Gert loses For the moment the voters have not given the mandate to Gert, but there is no guarantee that he will remain in the wilderness. In case some more terror attacks take place and many citizens are killed, the population may be sufficiently alarmed to vote him in. So it's not the end of the world for him. Has Gert Wilders become insignificant? Frankly no. These results show that the PVV has increased its vote share and he has 5 more seats in parliament. He is second...
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